Welcome to our blog!  We are Craig (Lookin’ to be a Daddy) and Karalene (Lookin’ to be a Mommy).  If it isn’t obvious yet, we’re a happy couple who are Lookin’ to be Parents!!

If you are a birth parent, please be sure to check out our Message to Birth Parents.

This blog is to help share ourselves and allow birth parents an opportunity to get to know us and help them determine if we might be the right choice for their placement.

No matter who you are, we hope you find this blog enjoyable!

You might be thinking, “Hey now, who are all these adorable kids in all these pictures?  I kind thought that by not being parents you don’t have, you know, kids!”  And if you are thinking that, or something similar, all those cute kids are our neices, nephews, children of friends, etc.

Here is a wonderful message from a birth mother that we thought was important enough to stick up here where it will never go away: http://forwardwalking.com/2013/04/15/placing-a-child-for-adoption-a-birth-mothers-story/

Finally A Daddy

Over a week has gone by and what we initially expected to be a 3-4 day placement has been at least twice that long!  Due to the nature of foster placements, I don’t feel like it is prudent to publicly share too many specifics.  For that reason baby will just be baby and I will use gender neutral pronouns.

I can't post pictures of baby, so here is a cinnamon that is almost as sweet as the baby.

I can’t post pictures of baby, so here is a cinnamon that is almost as sweet as the baby.

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And I Thought Last Week Was Interesting

So little...

So little…

Yup.  That’s me.  Feeding a baby.  My foster baby.

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First Week as Foster Parents

So although we have been licensed as foster parents for a few weeks, we weren’t really considered for placements until after we meet with our caseworker (our RFC for those in know).

We met with her on Monday and it was quite a week.


The rats! They keep coming! This picture has little to do with the actual post.

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My House Isn’t Big Enough

I’m going to take a break this week from the traditional adoption vs fostering to adopt posts I have been doing.

I am also going to start off with a confession.  We weren’t contacted by a birth mother.  We were contacted by TWO.  On Thursday we received notification that our home is now licensed for foster care.  And then yesterday we were contacted by someone who wasn’t a birth mother about another adoption.  We still need some more details on that one, but all this combined with looking at adoption exchanges the last week as made me realize something.


Pulling a fast one on Mr. Stewart. For some reason I find this idea of pickpocketing hilarious and tend to do it more than once per visit to the wax museum.

Getting small home “loan” from Mr. Stewart. For some reason I find this idea of pickpocketing celebrities hilarious and tend to do it more than once per visit to the wax museum.  I also find at least one per visit that looks like they are panhandling and I usually give them something I took from one of their better off fellow famous-people.

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Traditional Adoption vs Foster Care – The Kids

Craig is getting kicked in the face by Bruce Lee

Hard decisions can be like a kick to the face!

I am so very grateful for the love and support shown by friends and family in the comments when I shared my last post on Facebook.  Something that became clear to me however is that I left folks with the impression that we weren’t sure which option to choose.  While that is true we will have to make that decision, it isn’t going to be now.


We are choosing BOTH for now.  The hard decision is when once a child is going to be placed in our home.  And really it may turn out we don’t really have a choice in the matter.

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Traditional Adoption vs Foster Care – Cost

After five years of feeling like we had so little progress in traditional adoption, we decided pursue something we had always wanted to do after we had already started our family, i.e. become foster parents with the goal of adopting.

But now, seemingly out of the blue, we have been contacted by a birth mother.  Coincidentally, this happened right around the time we were finalizing our foster care licensing.   Will the adoption work out? We have no idea.  But the timing of all of this is leading to some very difficult decisions.  As a result of such, I thought it would be good to do a series of blog posts about some of the differences between traditional adoption and adoption through foster care.

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I’m Terrible at This

I’m terrible at this blogging thing. There’s no way to get better without trying though, right?

Quick updates:

  • We started process to become licensed as foster parents this year.  We are almost there!  It is definitely a different path from traditional adoption, but it is something we were always considering.
  • After so many years of waiting with no results, we have finally heard from a birth mother!  It is still far too early to know if things will work out.  I know so many who had too many false starts on this, but it is hard to not be a little more excited than we probably should be.

Okay, there is a start.  Hopefully our next post won’t be when our children start school college.

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Blatherin Blatherskites!

Super awesome attention grabbing lead in! WOW! I bet no one will click on THIS!?  If you love me, you will like and share this and give me all your money!  If you don’t, you hate me and you can never have the opportunity to bask in the gloriousness of my friendship ever again. So, I actually really hate that kind of stuff on Facebook.  Please stop sharing it.

Okay, if one person doesn’t share at least guilt inducing Facebook marketing post they may have otherwise posted before reading that, I  will have done some good in the world today.

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What are “nonnies” you may ask?  Some secret subterranean race?  A magical crystal that imbues children with the power of super heroes?  Or just another word the spell check gets upset about?

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Let’s try this again…

It has been nearly a year and a half since my last post.

Just in case you were wondering, no children yet.  But even if we did, I want to continue this blog.  The adventure does not stop once the adoption occurs.

Some things have changed which have been a bit discouraging.  The organization (LDS Family Services) we were going through stopped doing adoptions.  They will provide some services, but due to a high number of interested couples, low number of children being placed, and a want to emphasize on providing services for birth mothers has caused them to stop doing the actual adoptions themselves.  We can still turn to them for advice or to consult, but no actual adoption.

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