Is it a ground squirrel?  Is it a Yugo?  No, it’s SUPERDAD! 

I may have mentioned it on the blog before (but I am too lazy to go back and check), but whenever we go to pick up a placement, I wear a Superman shirt.

A man wearing a shirt with the Superman Man of Steel logo
Ready to save the day, or at the very least to sit in the back with the car seat.

Now before you accuse me of being conceited, know that I don’t think I have super powers or believe that I am amazing in some unusual way.  I don’t even think I am a super outstanding foster dad.  But, at some level, these kids need some sort of saving.  Superman saves people.  Superman does everything he can to save them.  He does the best he can with what talents and abilities he has.  He just happens to have some pretty super talents and abilities.  And he is willing. 

I am doing the best I can with what I have.  And I am willing.

So even though I am not made of steel, have super strength, or have the ability to cook a pizza from across the room using my eyes, I am in some small way a superdad.  And where there is only one Superman (we won’t count Bizarro Superman), I am by far not the only superdad.  I know so many superdads and supermoms and super-non-parental units who inspire me everyday. 

So What Now?

I am sure most people reading this are friends of mine on Facebook. If you are, you probably already know about this. We have accepted another placement.   Typically, placing an infant only happens as they are ready to leave the hospital.  However, Baby #3 was supposed to ready, but then showed enough signs of pneumonia that it was necessary for to extend the hospital stay.

But that didn’t stop us from visiting.

Baby #3 is a little more yeti like than Baby #2

Soon, it will be time for me to don the Superman shirt and go do what I can to help.

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