January 2012

2012 came and went so fast! I will be attempting to catch up some of our adventures and post some pictures.

January 2012:

To start this I should probably back up a couple of months. October 2011 .. a busy month. While seeing fertility specialists to determine why we still unsuccessful at having children, we felt very strongly that we needed to start the adoption process. We spoke with a caseworker at LDSFS and determined that they were the right option for us to start the process. We attended a very educational weekend of adoption panels and heard life accounts from Birth Mothers and Fathers, Adoptive Couples and grown adopted children. It was amazing to us to find out just how many people’s lives have been blessed through adoption. We met with our caseworker again and received our binder of information to read and our checklists of state required forms to start on. They said it can take months to put together all of the paperwork and references but I felt a need to accomplish the majority of it before the holidays. It was a good feeling to have the bulk of our paperwork turned in before we headed out to Montana for Christmas.

 I had applied for a job at JetBlue Airways. After several interviews and weeks of waiting I got a callback to let me know I could start work two days after Christmas! So, with a wonderful Montana Christmas we hurried back home so I could start.  Four weeks later I graduated from JetBlue University training as a Reservation Specialist. It does come with some amazing perks, namely travel benefits and the flexibility of being able to work from my home office. Craig was working hard to finish up his last semester of school at Western Governor’s bringing his total credit load to 32 credits this semester! We were both anxiously awaiting opening up a new chapter of life after school.