Adventures of a Baby Wookie/Groot/Ewok

Blog’s Out for Summer… But not Forever

It has been a busy five months.  First off, you are probably wondering what happened to our little Baby Wookie. (Auto correct doesn’t recognize “Wookie”. What kind of a nerd doesn’t include Star Wars terms in the auto correct dictionary?)

Baby Wookie is posing in a kung fu like stance
My Kung Fu is stronger than yours!

I inadvertently took an extended summer vacation from the blog without really meaning to.  Oops!  I am planning to do the next several posts as “catch up” posts written after the fact.  I’m not always great with my keeping my tense consistent and writing about the past as if it were the present will probably make things even worse.  Grammar fascists, you have been warned. Continue reading “Adventures of a Baby Wookie/Groot/Ewok”