Baby Houdini or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Swaddle

We May Have a Baby Dinosaur

He claws out of his swaddles.  He occasionally screeches like a pterodactyl. He even spits acid at Dennis Nedry. Sometimes I wonder if our Little Bear is actually a little dinosaur. And, yes, the acid spitting is a joke.  He spits avocados at Dennis Nedry.  



We have successfully verbified the Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex.  T-Rexxing is when a baby claws out of a swaddle, sticking his or hands out of the swaddle, giving them the appearance of having itty bitty tiny arms for their size, similar to a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

For as much as this kid T-Rexxes, it seemed like I would have some better pictures of this. But what likely happened is that he did it so much that I ended up with more pictures of when he didn’t do it because it was such an rare event.

Watch for the warning signs of a baby about to T-Rex.  The image below provides an excellent example.

Excuse me, sir. I believe I object to this swaddle and will soon be T-Rexxing out of it.

So You Think You Can Swaddle

They often say that by baby #3, parents have things figured out.  Of course, this usually happens over a series of 6-7 years or more, not in a matter of 6-7 months.

But I thought I knew how to swaddle adequately.  The Puppy stayed nice and cozy in his swaddles.  The Baron Von Poopy Pants T-Rexxed out occasionally.  Little Bear, however, has taught me that I am an amateur.  He is a reincarnation of Harry Houdini (sans moustache… wait a minute, Houdini didn’t have a moustache).

Little Bear has always had a thing about touching his face with his hand, even before I think he was aware of having a face or a hand.  I think this was one of his early T-Rexxing motivators.

To T-Rex or not to T-Rex? That is the question.

Learning to Love the Swaddle, Even if it Fails Epically

Sometimes as a parent you do the best you can for your child.  Sometimes they fight it.  Sometimes it helps and sometimes you learn the hard way that it doesn’t.  The best thing we can do is try our best, pray, and hope they make it through their nap okay.  Sometimes the swaddle just comes undone, but you love it anyway because you love them.

Epic Swaddle Fail – but at least he’s a happy Little Bear!

Whaaaaa? An almost coherent and semi-poignant metaphor?  On this blog? Who is that knocking on my door? A Pulitzer Prize!?  Why, thank you! I am deeply honored!

More Pulitzer Prize Winning Wordy Stuff

Let it be known that when Fox comes out with a show called “So You Think You Can Swaddle”, I want my cut.  And if we adopt him, we will not be naming him Denver.  Although, he is my friend and a whole lot more…

Hold on, there is another knock at the door.

They just came and took my Pulitzer away.  Oh well.

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  1. Verbifying words is an essential development point of parents. Wait until you have to develop a word for eating banana peels out of the garbage. Never did come up with a good one…

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