Baby Houdini or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Swaddle

We May Have a Baby Dinosaur

He claws out of his swaddles.  He occasionally screeches like a pterodactyl. He even spits acid at Dennis Nedry. Sometimes I wonder if our Little Bear is actually a little dinosaur. And, yes, the acid spitting is a joke.  He spits avocados at Dennis Nedry.  


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Nicknames of a Foster Kid and Other Ramblings

A Rose by Any Other Name…

Nicknames are kind of important for foster parents, especially if you, oh, I don’t know, write a blog.  My understanding is that in order to protect the privacy of the birth family and the child, foster parents aren’t supposed to publicly share too many details.  When conversing in person, there are fewer restrictions. But even in private, there are things we aren’t allowed to share such as the child’s last name, the birth parents’ names, etc.  I probably took this a little bit to the extreme with our first placement and didn’t even reveal the gender publicly.  (For those of you who have been losing sleeping at night over it, he was [and still is] a boy.)

Just because I am on oxygen doesn’t mean I can’t strike a pose! Talk to my agent for future bookings.

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Adventures of a Baby Wookie/Groot/Ewok

Blog’s Out for Summer… But not Forever

It has been a busy five months.  First off, you are probably wondering what happened to our little Baby Wookie. (Auto correct doesn’t recognize “Wookie”. What kind of a nerd doesn’t include Star Wars terms in the auto correct dictionary?)

Baby Wookie is posing in a kung fu like stance
My Kung Fu is stronger than yours!

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Is it a ground squirrel?  Is it a Yugo?  No, it’s SUPERDAD! 

I may have mentioned it on the blog before (but I am too lazy to go back and check), but whenever we go to pick up a placement, I wear a Superman shirt.

A man wearing a shirt with the Superman Man of Steel logo
Ready to save the day, or at the very least to sit in the back with the car seat.

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So Long, And Thanks for All the Poop

The Baron has been deposed.  Long live the Baron!

Bye Bye Baron

What I am trying to say is that The Baron is no longer our foster baby.  He had family come forward before the deadline (see below) that was willing and able to take him.

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Monkeying Around with The Baron

Monkeying Around

We recently escorted The Baron (Von Poopy Pants) on a trip to southern California. The trip went really well and there was a good deal of monkeying around. Other than the Baron’s luggage feeling incredibly disproportionate to his size, there were only a few small things that were different traveling with a small child.

A close up of baby wearing clothing that says "monkeying around"
The Baron enjoys the occasional monkeying around


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Binky of Baron Von Poopy Pants

It has been almost exactly two months since my last blog post, so it felt like time for another one.  There are lots of reasons for the relative drought, but I won’t bore you with those.  The most compelling one is that I have been busy being a dad.  And playing Dr. Mario. And trying to keep track of The Baron’s binky.

We have lots of pet names for Mr. Baby (also known as Baby #2).  For now, we will call him Baron Von Poopy Pants or simply The Baron.  For those concerned individuals who read my last blog, the amount and frequency of poop has subsided, as expected although the odor has not.

A picture showing the obscured ace of a baby and an unobscured pacifier/binky
Baron Von Poopy Pants puts his own binky in

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The Poopening

Another Placement

In my last post I left a not so subtle hint that our time without fostering was relatively brief.  So for anyone who missed it, we have another placement already. 

Although I still can’t reveal a great deal about the circumstances of the placement, I am going to  share the gender this time around.

We have a… <dramatic pause>

A pictuare of cheesecake and not baby poop
This is NOT a picture of poop. Aren’t you glad?  Although I guess it is actually potential poop… let’s not think of it that way though, shall we?

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No Baby for Thanksgiving

I came up with the title for this post in kind of a hurry and when I read it upon review, I realized it might be interpreted different than my intention. So just to clarify, for those of you who thought I was considering eating a baby for Thanksgiving, rest assured, the thought never crossed my mind.

What I mean by No Baby for Thanksgiving is this: Our first foster placement ended just before Thanksgiving.

What I imagine it would look like to baby if I were to change its diaper. Uh well I am wearing a suit, I guess.
What I imagine it would look like to baby if I were to change its diaper. Uh well I am wearing a suit, I guess.

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Finally A Daddy

Over a week has gone by and what we initially expected to be a 3-4 day placement has been at least twice that long!  Due to the nature of foster placements, I don’t feel like it is prudent to publicly share too many specifics.  For that reason baby will just be baby and I will use gender neutral pronouns.

I can't post pictures of baby, so here is a cinnamon that is almost as sweet as the baby.
I can’t post pictures of baby, so here is a cinnamon that is almost as sweet as the baby.

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