Here We Go Again…

A short time ago in a home not so far,
far away….
Episode IV
A New Placement

It is a period of giving thanks. Rebellious teens, hungry from hanging out together, have finished their first helping of turkey, stuffing, and pie.

Following the festivities, we manage to steal the secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR… Oh wait, wrong story.

Having recieved a phone call about a baby girl needing a home, Little Bear and his parents race home aboard their Delta flight, custodians of the knowledge that Little Bear could have a baby foster sister by the end of the week, and restore freedom to the galaxy…
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My House Burned Down Today

No, seriously, it did. Okay, okay, it wasn’t today. But it was twenty years ago today. I remember parts of it as if it were yesterday and other parts as if they never really happened.

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The Prodigal Dad Returns

Anyone who has followed this blog for more then a few posts knows that I have a bit of a consistency problem. Every now and then I stop blogging for a month… or two… or eleven.

And I always have an excuse. I’m not saying it is always a good excuse, but an excuse. And a I have a few this time.

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A lot has changed in past few months. Our goals have definitely flipped from traditional adoption to fostering with the hope of adoption. We would definitely consider any offer of traditional adoption, so if you are a birth parent looking to place, feel free to set a spell an’ git to know us fer a bit.

No matter who you are, we hope you enjoy sharing in our experiences and maybe consider becoming a foster parent.

Let’s try this again…

It has been nearly a year and a half since my last post.

Just in case you were wondering, no children yet.  But even if we did, I want to continue this blog.  The adventure does not stop once the adoption occurs.

Some things have changed which have been a bit discouraging.  The organization (LDS Family Services) we were going through stopped doing adoptions.  They will provide some services, but due to a high number of interested couples, low number of children being placed, and a want to emphasize on providing services for birth mothers has caused them to stop doing the actual adoptions themselves.  We can still turn to them for advice or to consult, but no actual adoption.

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