Let’s try this again…

It has been nearly a year and a half since my last post.

Just in case you were wondering, no children yet.  But even if we did, I want to continue this blog.  The adventure does not stop once the adoption occurs.

Some things have changed which have been a bit discouraging.  The organization (LDS Family Services) we were going through stopped doing adoptions.  They will provide some services, but due to a high number of interested couples, low number of children being placed, and a want to emphasize on providing services for birth mothers has caused them to stop doing the actual adoptions themselves.  We can still turn to them for advice or to consult, but no actual adoption.

The main reason we were going with LDS Family Services was the cost.  It was far cheaper than any other adoption service we looked at.

Maybe I should provide a little more background.  Pardon me if some of this is repeat information from previous posts.

We have always wanted to adopt. When we were first married, the goal was to finish school, have kids, and adopt some more.

I finished school.  No kids.

My career progressed.  No kids.

We got to a point where we realized we may need fertility treatments.  No kids.

We knew we wanted to adopt, so we started that process, knowing it could take several years.  We went with the cheaper provider we could find so as to allow additional funds for fertility treatments. That was four years ago.  No kids.

After basic fertility treatments didn’t work, we burned through our medical savings doing more aggressive treatments.  No kids.

Our provider stopped providing.  No kids.

So here we are.  We have replenished some of the savings to try even more expensive treatments, but not nearly enough to try yet.  In the mean time, Lookin’ to be a Mommy’s “biological clock is ticking.”  Maybe additional massive debt is the right thing to do, but we have spent the last 10 years climbing out of that from when we were young and not making enough to get by.

So that’s where we are.

We are looking into being foster parents, which has been on the docket for a while.  We are often encouraged by others to do that.  I think I feel ashamed about it.  It is something we should have started and tried to do years ago.  Why did it get put off?  I don’t know.  Perhaps that is for another blog post.

So I have unloaded a lot more here than I meant to.  I only intended to do a quick “Hey, I’m going to start writing blog posts again” post.  The new ones won’t be necessarily centered on adoption.  The purpose of this blog is to share not only about our experiences in adoption, but to share who we are.  We want to help people who might be able to help us and ultimately birth mothers understand who we are and why someone should trust us to raise their children.

So starting playing “Eye of the Tiger” and “We Are the Champions” because we are back and read to kick… out… some blog posts? <Drops the mic>

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