A Fun Movie Night Out… But Someone’s Missing


I didn’t realize there would be some perks to just trying to adopt.  Karalene and I were able to get free tickets to a special preview screening to “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”.  This was a special event put on by a group called “Families Supporting Adoption” or FSA (no, not the same thing as that flexible spending account they may offer you at work.)  So there were lots of folks there connected to adoption.  Before the movie, they had all adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents raise their hands.

I have very strong feelings about not spoiling movies for people.  I actually really dislike most movie trailers as they just reveal too much of the story.  Anyway, that is not what this post is about.  The point is, I won’t talk about the specifics of the movie.

In case you don’t know, the movie is about a couple dealing with the fact that they want to have children, but can’t do so biologically.

I enjoyed the movie – it had a lot of laughs and it was a good story.  However, obviously, it hit close to home.  I’m a manly enough man to admit that I teared up quite a bit during the movie.  I was sitting next to one of the few empty seats in the theater, which probably contributed to the tearing up some.  It felt like someone should have been there.

But I wasn’t just tearing up because I was sad.  I was glad that I have the opportunity to pursue that desire – to be a daddy, dad, pappa, etc.

Maybe next year, or even sooner, that seat won’t have to be empty.

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