Blatherin Blatherskites!

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Okay, if one person doesn’t share at least guilt inducing Facebook marketing post they may have otherwise posted before reading that, I  will have done some good in the world today.

Heading 3 is Just Too Small

So when I “resurrected” the blog back in October, I had plans to write a post a week.

Now that I am writing my second post since then, I really don’t want to have another one that is me apologizing for not following through with that.  So I won’t.

I am really good at starting posts.  I have about 15 of them started.  But then I get nervous.  I turn into a 15 year old boy too afraid to talk to girls because I might say something that will make them not like me.  And just like the PSA me of the now would tell the angsty teen me of the past, “Get over it dude, just be yourself.”  Then past teen angsty me would be sure to inform present me (or future me from his perspective) that that is rotten advice and I should leave me alone.  This is the real reason time travel rules usually say don’t interact with yourself.  It is not because you will create a paradox, but because it will turn out one of yourself won’t like the other one.

So here I am.  I’m also just a prospective adoptive parent, standing in front of the Internet, asking it to love him.

Random Picture

Four small, chubby birds sit on a blue ShopKo shopping cart in a snow covered parking lot.
Some little chubby birds, because I think they are cute.

Foster Parents

We have recently started the process to become foster parents. It is something we had always planned to do, we just thought we would have our own children or adopt first.  Best laid plans of mice and weirdos.  We have only been to two training classes so far, but it has been a positive experience.  Since all of that is part of our adventure in adoption, I’ll blog about it here when appropriate.

Although our goal is to eventually adopt through foster care, we also want to be able to help other families.  It is probably really easy to assume foster care is all about helping children (and a good portion of it is), it is about trying to help parents as well.

If we do end up adopting or somehow having children the biological way (ask your parents if you don’t know), the training is supposed to be good for parents in general.  So far, I think it has.

Random Picture #2

A red postal service collection box from the island nation of St. Lucia. It is red and made of metal. The box stands on the ground is somewhere between 3 and 4 feet tall. The text "Saint Lucia Postal Service Collection Time Mon-Fri 12:00 PM" is written in white letters across the top.
A mailbox in St. Lucia because mailboxes are cool, especially ones from other countries.


I have been talking online Italian lessons for a good chunk of a year (286 days) on  At some point, we would like to go back to Italy (specifically Venice) but I also like learning things in general.  Here are some fun sentences.

I cavalli sono correndo. (The horses are running.)

When we worked on a passenger train that toured through Western Montana and into Northern Idaho, there was a passenger from somewhere on the east coast yelling to her husband, “Harry! Get the camera! The horses are running, the horses are RUNNING!”  Of course this story is funnier when you can here Karalene animatedly saying it with a slight New Jersey accent.

La scimmia manga la banana.  (The monkey eats the banana.)

No story.  I just like monkeys.

Sono una farfalle.  (I am a butterfly.)

Just an odd one that has come up in my lessons.

Prego! (You’re welcome!)

Not just the name of a sauce.

Vorrei che io potrei essere un padre. (I would like to be a father.)

Because a part of me is still an angsty teen and wants you to like me and feels like I need to end with something slightly more poignant.


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