Is it a ground squirrel?  Is it a Yugo?  No, it’s SUPERDAD! 

I may have mentioned it on the blog before (but I am too lazy to go back and check), but whenever we go to pick up a placement, I wear a Superman shirt.

A man wearing a shirt with the Superman Man of Steel logo
Ready to save the day, or at the very least to sit in the back with the car seat.

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I’m Terrible at This

I’m terrible at this blogging thing. There’s no way to get better without trying though, right?

Quick updates:

  • We started process to become licensed as foster parents this year.  We are almost there!  It is definitely a different path from traditional adoption, but it is something we were always considering.
  • After so many years of waiting with no results, we have finally heard from a birth mother!  It is still far too early to know if things will work out.  I know so many who had too many false starts on this, but it is hard to not be a little more excited than we probably should be.

Okay, there is a start.  Hopefully our next post won’t be when our children start school college.

Blatherin Blatherskites!

Super awesome attention grabbing lead in! WOW! I bet no one will click on THIS!?  If you love me, you will like and share this and give me all your money!  If you don’t, you hate me and you can never have the opportunity to bask in the gloriousness of my friendship ever again. So, I actually really hate that kind of stuff on Facebook.  Please stop sharing it.

Okay, if one person doesn’t share at least guilt inducing Facebook marketing post they may have otherwise posted before reading that, I  will have done some good in the world today.

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What are “nonnies” you may ask?  Some secret subterranean race?  A magical crystal that imbues children with the power of super heroes?  Or just another word the spell check gets upset about?

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Mary, I’m Gonna Show You the World…

Okay, so that is a slight misquote from “It’s a Wonderful Life” but I like it better than the actual line of “I’m gonna see the world…”  This is mainly because I have been using the misquote to do Jimmy Stewart impressions since the first time I saw “It’s a Wonderful Life” with my sweetheart, Karalene.  (To be honest, I never actually watched the movie until we were married, so it really has been since the first time I saw it.  And I am told I do a pretty good Jimmy Stewart impression.)  I think the quote is really an aggregation of “I’m gonna see the world” and “I’ll give you the moon, Mary.”  (The scene is on YouTube – It’s a Wonderful Life Clip 2/9)

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