How I Learned to Spell Library

At some point in time (first grade, if I had to guess), I came from school with a book checked out from the school library and had a conversation with my dad that when something like this (NOTE: There is at least 23 years of memory decay affecting this, so even though I use quotes – don’t quote me on this):

Me: “Look dad, I got a book from the libary”

Dad: “The libary?”

Me: “Yeah Dad, the libary”

Dad:  “Are you sure it isn’t library?”

Me:  “That’s what I said.”

Dad: “Li-brrrrrrrrrrrrrrary”

Me: “I’m pretty sure it is spelled l-i-b-a-r-y”

Dad: “Li-brrrrrrrrrrrrrrary”

The next time I was by the libRary, I noticed how it was spelled.  And everytime after that.  And just about everytime I have seen that word since then.

This may seem pretty trivial, but somehow of all the things I could have remembered growing up, this one stuck out.  And now that my dad has passed away, memories like this have become so precious.

I look forward to being a father for a lot of reasons.  But one of them is so I can help someone learn in a way that only a parent can – little things, like how to spell library.

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