A Birth Mother’s Story

If you don’t read the post, at least watch this video: http://forwardwalking.com/2013/04/15/placing-a-child-for-adoption-a-birth-mothers-story/

I hope no one takes our lack of blog posts as a reflection on our desire to adopt.

I often sit down to blog, but then have a hard time dealing with the feelings or get overly concerned that some how I will do something to scare away a prospective birth mother or worry I am going to offend someone (which I know are silly fears, but they get to me).

Anyway, my explanation for the dearth of recent blog posts is not the point of this post.

The point of this post is to share the video of a birth mother’s story.


One of the first things they told us when we started this process was the statistics for mother’s choosing to place.  I don’t remember the exact numbers (so take these numbers as ballparks of my faulty memory – It has been a year and a half almost since we started this process), but prior to the 1970’s, 50% or more children born to unwed mothers were placed for adoption.  That number is now less than 1%.  No, I don’t know how the number that is a percentage of has changed (are there more or less children born to unwed mothers – you can argue there are more because it is thought sex before marriage is more prevalent now, but you would also need to factor in birth control, abortion, etc. it might be less… the journalism student in me says I should go research this out, but I doubt that would actually help my end goal… okay, I’m rambling now and in a parenthetical, that can’t be good.)

The point is there are fewer babies out there to adopt.  Why?  There are lots of factors, by my guess is that social and family pressures have changed.

But should that matter?  I don’t want A baby, I want OUR baby.  Sadly, I can’t seem to convince myself of that right now.  What if our baby never gets placed?

Am I saying that adoption is right for every birth mother?  I can’t say that.  I am not every birth mother.  What concerns me is that there are birth mothers that don’t consider adoption and it might be the right thing.  I hope this video can find it’s way to more birth mothers so that placing for adoption is at least considered as an option.

That way parents like me who don’t have their children yet have a better chance of finding them.

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