It is hard to believe just how quickly 2012 went by. As I have looked back I feel like we were just making New Year resolutions for 2012 and then there we were at 2013 … and now here it is May! 2012 was full of love and laughter and adventures. I am so grateful for my dear Craig for keeping up on our blog when he can. I share his blogging thoughts – sometimes it IS so hard to write blog posts. It isn’t just a matter of sitting down and writing about the most resent news in our world – although it should be, shouldn’t it? What starts out as the simplicity of sharing a story turns to facing the reasons behind our decision to adopt – confronting infertility and the emotions that go with it.  Even though we haven’t found our baby yet, we are full of hope for the thought of being able to find the members of our family through adoption. We know so many people whose lives’ have been affected for good through adoption. We are thankful for the birth mothers and birth fathers and for the love they have for their children to place them with loving couples who can provide them with every opportunity they would want them to have.

There are a lot of misconceptions that get linked with the adoption process. What we have found that there is an untrue belief that birth mothers and birth fathers don’t love their children – that they are “giving them up” for adoption because they don’t want them. Birth parents love their children – they want them.  They also want to be able to provide the best life for their child . The love they have for their child and the sincere desire to place their child in a home with a loving couple who can provide the “best life” often trumps the desire to give them a “good enough life”.  I don’t know of one birth parent who has said it was an easy decision for them to do – quite the opposite. Most say it was the hardest thing they have ever had to do. They think of that child every day of the rest of their lives, but because they love their child and wanted a better life for them, they were able to make that decision.

Their choice doesn’t just affect them or the child. That child has grandparents, aunts & uncles and cousins before placement and gains  a whole bunch more after.  Children placed through adoption have to be the most loved children in the world! 🙂 And all because of a birth parents decision of love. It creates a ripple effect impacting individuals, families and generations. My heart is full of gratitude for birth mothers and birth fathers and for the selfless sacrifice they make for their children.  


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