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Welcome to our blog!  We are Craig (Lookin’ to be a Daddy) and Karalene (Lookin’ to be a Mommy).  If it isn’t obvious yet, we’re a happy couple who are Lookin’ to be Parents!!

If you are a birth parent, please be sure to check out our Message to Birth Parents.

This blog is to help share ourselves and allow birth parents an opportunity to get to know us and help them determine if we might be the right choice for their placement.

No matter who you are, we hope you find this blog enjoyable!

You might be thinking, “Hey now, who are all these adorable kids in all these pictures?  I kind thought that by not being parents you don’t have, you know, kids!”  And if you are thinking that, or something similar, all those cute kids are our neices, nephews, children of friends, etc.

Here is a wonderful message from a birth mother that we thought was important enough to stick up here where it will never go away: http://forwardwalking.com/2013/04/15/placing-a-child-for-adoption-a-birth-mothers-story/

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