Almost done…

So all the paperwork and other stuff is almost done.

I really felt like when we got started, we were going to sprint through all of this.  We got into the adoption training seminar early.  Karalene and I were so focused.  I bought the domain for the blog.  I got the blog all setup.  We were going to get through this process at blazing fast speeds!

We weren’t going to be like some of the couples we met in training, who took 6 months to get their paperwork done.  We were excited, motivated, and knew we could get it done.

It is now almost six months later.  WHAT HAPPENED!!?!?!?

Well let’s see, here’s what happened.

  • School – If I was going to graduate in February and balance my time with the Holidays, I had to be a lot more focused on school.  In my first 3 terms, I had averaged about 14 compentancy units (comparable to credits at most other schools).  I still have 32 to get done.  I had planned to only need to do 20 (still touch, but much less daunting), but I decided to switch my emphasis.  When I started school, this wasn’t supposed to add any new classes, but things had changed and I had a new 6 CU class.  Add on another 6 CU class I just ran out of time to get done and there I was at 32 CUs.  So, I definitely was not nearly as focused as I thought I would get to be.  (Note: I am so very grateful for Karalene.  Because of my need to focus on school, she had to shoulder a lot more of this than I ever wanted her to have to. )
  • The Holidays – We thought we could balance the Holidays with our adoption paperwork, but it just didn’t work out that way.  Gift buying, traveling, planning travel and gift buying, it all takes a lot more time than it ought to.
  • Karalene got a job!  – Granted, the job didn’t start until after Christmas (right after Christmas – 12/27) but that required shifting some plans, which took more time.  The job is part time, but training was full time.  And training lasted almost 2 months.
  • Getting the blog ready – Karalene had a vision for the blog and by the time we really got rolling, she was working full time.  It didn’t eat up a lot of time, but we really felt like not having it ready was slowing us down.  It still isn’t quite ready (hopefully it is by the time you read this.)
  • The paperwork was exhausting – I don’t think I saw this coming.  My job entails sitting in front of a computer for at least 8 hours a day.  I figured I could handle even the most lengthy of forms.  And although it was tiring, it was the emotional exhaustion that made it difficult for me to sit down and fill out the paperwork and the profile.  I had to be really honest with myself about myself, my relationship with Karalene, my relationship with my family, etc.  It didn’t seem like it would be all difficult.  I’m just getting tired thinking about it though.

Okay, so the above list is probably just a bunch of excuses mixed in with life.  Could we have gotten it done faster?  I think so.  Is it terrible we didn’t?  I don’t think so.

Life happens.  I very much expect life to happen a lot more if we are fortunate to find our baby joined to us through the adoption process.  A lot more.

And I can’t wait.

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