And I Thought Last Week Was Interesting

So little...
So little…

Yup.  That’s me.  Feeding a baby.  My foster baby.

So after the almost placement last week, we really didn’t hear much this week.  Since we were the only family that our case worker had that could take infants (last we knew) we figured our name was getting submitted and our case worker was mercifully not telling us each time she did.

So we kind of fell into a “normal” state.  We knew it could happen at anytime, but with the experience of the almost placement, I felt like we were less on edge and not so driving ourselves crazy.

And then, as I was working from home, I got a tap on the shoulder.

“We have a possible placement. I need to call them back within 15 minutes.”

Since it wouldn’t be prudent to share too many details at this point, I’ll make the long story short for now and let you know, (if it wasn’t obvious already) we have a baby.  It is very likely it will only be for a few more days, so please, please try to contain your excitement to that context.

Even if this baby does end up only being ours for a handful of days, I think it, like the almost placement, is going to teach us a lot (it already has) and more importantly, we will have helped this baby and the baby’s birth family at the very least.


Even if in some context we are glorified babysitters it doesn’t feel that way at all.  This feels like our baby.  This will always be our first baby.

There is no shortage of love for him.

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  1. For a day or a month or a life time, these most innocent of children need love and reapect and someone willing to call them “their own”. You are truly seving in the most humble and christlike capacity i can imagine. Bleas you.

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