First Week as Foster Parents

So although we have been licensed as foster parents for a few weeks, we weren’t really considered for placements until after we meet with our caseworker (our RFC for those in know).

We met with her on Monday and it was quite a week.

The rats! They keep coming! This picture has little to do with the actual post.

But first a quick update on… the lack of updates.  I honestly cannot remember why I didn’t do a post the week of November 16th.  But I have a good excuse for missing a week ago.  I was driving back from Montana after attended the wedding of my best friend.  It was also the wedding of a good friend.  Technically, I introduced them (over 15 years ago) so as I said in the wedding toast “YOU’RE WELCOME”.

The wedding was pretty awesome.  They did a great job without over doing it, in my opinion.

So back to stuff and things.

We found out quickly that we are the only resource family (more lingo) in her group of somewhere around 50 families that can/will accept infants right now.  That means every time an infant needs a home, our name gets submitted.  Whhhhaaa?

And out name was submitted that day.  And Thursday it happened again.  She isn’t going to tell us every time she submits our name and we figured out quickly why that is.  WE WOULD GO INSANE!!!!!!

Just knowing our name was submitted on Monday convinced us it would be prudent to go get at least a basinet and a car seat.  We didn’t get called on Monday night.

But we did on Thursday.  We were actually really close to having a 23 month old girl and her infant brother placed with us.


We were all ready to purchase a convertible crib (to toddler bed, to full size bed, etc.) when we heard it wasn’t going to happen on Thursday night like expected.  That night we found out we have some neighbor friends that might have one we can use.  We might still go buy one, but it is good to know that is an option.

I didn’t get much sleep Thursday night wondering what would happen the next day.  As I dressed Friday morning, I decided to wear a Superman shirt.  I wanted to wear something memorable in case this did work out and this little girl would someday see me as her Super-dad.  Sadly, it was not meant to be this time.

On Friday morning, I prayed that the right thing would happen for these kids.  Evidently we weren’t the right thing, at least not yet.

We found out later on Friday that a relative was found who could take the children.  That’s one of the bummer’s of foster care – you are at best third choice.  It should probably be that way.  If a child can safely stay with their immediate biologically family, that’s best.  If not, relatives is better.  Foster parents are good.

Although the last week was stressful, it was good.  I think it has helped us prepare.  I think more now than ever before, I really do just want to help.  Even if these kids don’t end up being ours forever, I want to help them, I want to be their super Foster dad, even if it is only for week.

At least one of the traditional adoptions we have been contacted about seems to still be on the table, but not really moving forward.  With such quick activity occurring on the foster front, it is a little discouraging that the traditional route is not moving very quickly.  We are of course keeping our options open.  The scenario I haven’t quite figured out is what happens if we get a foster placement and still have the chance to do a traditional adoption.  Could we handle it?  Could we muster the funds to do the traditional adoption?  No answers yet, but the questions keep rolling around in my head.

At the very least this week has given us a taste of what we might be in for.  And so far, despite the stress and the uncertainty, I’m looking forward to it.

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